Rats: Legally Blind Mice
ISBN 978-0692304877

Excerpts from Rats: Legally Blind Mice

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Then, the cops came yelling: “Hey there! This driver is severely hurt, get out of our way, you lawyers!”

The trio shouted back, “We have the constitutional right to pursue our profession.”

“Oh, yeah?” the rodent cops sneered. “Here’s your ticket for obstructing investigation. Now, frame this up in your law office to prove your hard work.”

We'll get you lot of money

“The ambulance’s fault,” exclaimed the trio.

“Not really. A lawyer on a bicycle ignored the siren and cut lanes. He’s a politician and his face disgraces the papers. You must know him.”

“Careful of your description,” said the trio. “That very honorable politician is the father of legal techniques, spotlighting the mystery of this shrinking island in the global internet.”

“I will think what I want to think and will say what I want to say. Even morons know our first amendment.” And the caller hung up.

There was just a buzzing sound.

“Who was he? We didn’t get his name,” said the first. “And what amendment is he prattling about?”

I'm late for the beach...Vote for me!

The rodent heard chuckling in the courtroom as his knees trembled and his face reddened.

“Noisy courtroom, Sir…I move for rehearing, didn’t hear all you said…this remedy in the law books…”

“Get out, get out, get out of my sight!” bellowed the rodent judge as he lost his balance and fell off his chair.

The guard escorted the rodent out of the building.

Back in court, the guard saw a spectacular scene worthy of appreciation, publication, and case precedent.

On the floor, the rodent judge was rolling in his toga, screaming, laughing and singing, “I’m happy, so happy, happy, happy, happy… Can you see…by the lights…?”

And the whole courtroom of rodents burst into the national anthem.

You all behold by sexy beauty

Business as usual in the trio’s law office when the rodent arrived from court.

I never thought this is law