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These Excerpts have been selected by the Author, Erlinda Dominguez, as reflecting the content of her books, Twice Upon a CourtRats: Legally Blind Mice; and Pro Se: On My Own, A Story of Judicial Rape of the Rule of Law in the Aloha State.

In order to provide a preview of each of her titles, the Author has carefully chosen text to offer readers a chance to sample the contents.

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Pro Se, Erlinda Dominguez's latest book, is "A horrifying true story of unconscionable conflicts of interest, betrayals, abuses, ineptitude, ultimate fraud and cover-up — when American dream clashed with American greed as played out with impunity in the judicial system. A blockbuster source of truth and awareness for all who care for justice."

Rats: Legally Blind Mice, the author's second title, is "A Grownup Fairy Tale About Three Rodent Lawyers and Their Comical Misadventures in the Legal World."

Twice Upon a Court, her first book, tells “the harrowing story of how she came to be attacked and very nearly destroyed, personally and professionally, by members of the Legal Community, who had every reason to be biased and judgmental against her success, yet allowed their biases to influence their judgment."

Thank You All!

To the readers of my documentary books;
To all who support truth and justice;
To all who advocate the Rule of Law;
To all who will move forward from the inadequacy or pretense of protecting the U.S. Constitution;
To all who can look back at their lives and say, “I earned my living with morality, grace and honesty, skills and competence. I am proud and deserve to live in America;”
To clients, loved ones and friends all over the world.
I love you all!

Greetings! Aloha! Mabuhay!
Author-Attorney Erlinda Dominguez