A horrifying true story of unconscionable conflicts of interest, betrayals, abuses, ineptitude, ultimate fraud and cover-up — when American dream clashed with American greed as played out with impunity in the judicial system. A blockbuster source of truth and awareness for all who care for justice.

Supporters of the Rule of Law and Human Rights who read the author’s manuscript before publication of this book.

ADDENDUM: for Truth and Reckoning

On May 13, 2019, a California jury awarded $2 billion to an afflicted couple to punish the tycoon Monsanto Corporation for the poisonous pesticide it sold. Hawaii Judge Susan Oki Mollway ignored the poisoned Maui people, just as she literally ignored the facts and the law for Atty. Erlinda Dominguez who sued her two lawyers for their incompetence and collusion with very rich political figures. For more awareness that high treason could easily happen behind the scenes of the legal system, Supporters of the Rule of Law invite you to **CLICK HERE**.


        A San Francisco jury awarded $289 million to an ailing groundskeeper against Monsanto, bigtime chemical producer. In the past, Federal Judge Susan Mollway refused to hear the plight of the Maui people who were continuously poisoned by the chemicals, as if their case was unimportant while this judge stalled, perhaps hoping that a new law would justify Monsanto.

I read the documentary book PRO SE: On My Own authored by Erlinda Dominguez. The same Judge Mollway immediately dismissed her case against her two lawyers within days after another judge already decided not to dismiss. Justifying her dismissal, Judge Mollway guessed that any jury would find the case unwarranted anyway.

Readers would become more aware of the legal and judicial system from documentary books and articles written by the brave.  Judges are totally immune and exempt from civil liability, whatever they do to the litigant, and whatever are their unknown or personal motives. Powerful groups can manipulate the system, be above the law and betray the Constitution to earn their millions against small people.  For the Maui community, the time of reckoning has come, at least against Monsanto.

I asked Author-Attorney Erlinda Dominguez to publish this testimonial and link to the 2015 article about powerful Monsanto, from the website of Patriot or Traito It is American freedom to speak, and a moral duty to this country not to remain fearful, silent, docile and submissive.

Aloha to the people of Hawaii and good luck to the plight of the Maui people! I recommend the book PRO SE: On My Own.


The Acknowledgments from Pro Se

I am grateful—
To the Honorable Federal Judge Barry M. Kurren in Hawaii who saw the truth and applied the law; to the Arbitrator Walter Davis who said, “I will do the legal and moral thing, or I have no business sitting here.” His decision vindicated me from any legal malpractice, but he didn’t live to know what my opponents did thereafter;

To the California State Judge and the lawyers in his court when I was summoned for a jury selection. Their reaction of sheer disbelief of the conflicts of interest and ultimate injustice that I personally experienced in the Hawaii courts also inspired me to write this book;

To my many clients for whom I was pleased to be of service, friends and relatives, acquaintances and the supporters of the Rule of Law—with my special affection to the group who read my manuscript then encouraged me to publish this book—to make people aware of what could happen to a litigant in a Court of Law;

To everyone who read my first book, Twice Upon a Court, then took the time to positively comment in their own way;

To the readers who will find this book extremely educational and see the truth that it reveals—too morbid, horrifying, immoral, hurtful it may be;

To our military men and women who unselfishly sacrifice their lives for our freedom, and to those who now live in the eternal history of heroes;

To all who peacefully fight for what is just and right—regardless of their color, nationality, creed, personal circumstances—even with fear of reprisal by the all-powerful;

To each one who shares the American dream—that it is a fact, everyone is born equal—and our United States Constitution that guarantees our inalienable right of freedom—should always be respected, defended and upheld.

Mahalo. Salamat po. Thank you.
—Erlinda Dominguez,

ISBN: 978-0692826027
ISBN: 978-0615408132

Thank You All!

To the readers of my documentary books;

To all who support truth and justice;

To all who advocate the Rule of Law;

To all who will move forward from the inadequacy or pretense of protecting the U.S. Constitution;

To all who can look back at their lives and say, “I earned my living with morality, grace and honesty, skills and competence. I am proud and deserve to live in America;”

To clients, loved ones and friends all over the world.

I love you all!

Greetings! Aloha! Mabuhay!
Author-Attorney Erlinda Dominguez.

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ISBN: 978-0692826027
ISBN: 978-0692826027
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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS in "Worms (Forever Love)"

Thank you:
—to the readers of this book who would be transported to the enchanting world of innocence; and to all children and the young at heart wherever they may be.
—to all my clients and friends, some read my short stories many years ago and still remember them with delight.
—to my special group in Hawaii who always sang Kanaka Waiwai  (<click to hear) that carried the spirit of love and truth, by composer John Kameaaloha Almeida.
—to my unforgettable friends in the Philippines who believed in the lyrics of Faithful friends are life’s best treasure, wealth and fame may pass away.
—to friend Erun Dey and her club members who preserved copies of my short stories when no one thought they could be published books someday.
—to Sr. Corazon J. Salazar, MQHM, who promotes underprivileged children’s education and encouraged publication of this book.
—to artist Lino Gilbert K. Parone who sketched all the illustrations on very short notice.

Greetings! Aloha! Mabuhay!
Author-Attorney Erlinda Dominguez.