Author's Prediction of Artificial Intelligence in Pro Se

“Too bad, any ugly and immoral things you wanted to uncover will remain buried forever,” she said.

“Not necessarily. Everything could be crystal-clear in its own time, when the players in my experiences are gone. And courts will be unneeded in our very human planet.”

“You’re referring to artificial intelligence again?” she asked, with optimism.

“Yes. At least, one of them might read my books—‘them,’ the Honorable Robots,” I jested. “Their Honor will apply the U.S. Constitution which is certainly not ‘We the people of the United States…secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity except the invective, expletive and uncivilized—in our sole discretion…’”

She smiled and said, “Oh, yes, there should be no shackles and fear to fight for what is right. God, please bless America! And don’t forget Hawaii!”

This book comes to an end when most, if not all the judges and justices involved in this true story, had stepped down from the bench.

Christmas of 2016 just passed. Year 2017 is present. Political power in the White House has changed again. But all the Presidents-elect had a common plea through the ages:

“We will move forward, democracy works only with well-informed
citizenry…it will buckle when we give in to fear…we will
respect the Constitution and abide by the Rule of Law…remember
those who fought for our valuable freedom, we will never,
never forget…corruption will be defaced…we will live in freedom…
America will even be greater!

And as the world turns…yes, we will never forget.

- the end-