A San Francisco jury awarded $289 million to an ailing groundskeeper against Monsanto, bigtime chemical producer. In the past, Federal Judge Susan Mollway refused to hear the plight of the Maui people who were continuously poisoned by the chemicals, as if their case was unimportant while this judge stalled, perhaps hoping that a new law would justify Monsanto.

           I read the documentary book  PRO SE: On My Own  authored by Erlinda Dominguez. The same Judge Mollway immediately dismissed her case against her two lawyers within days after another judge already decided not to dismiss. Justifying her dismissal, Judge Mollway guessed that any jury would find the case unwarranted anyway.

             Readers would become more aware of the legal and judicial system from documentary books and articles written by the brave.   Judges are totally immune and exempt from civil liability, whatever they do to the litigant, and whatever are their unknown or personal motives. Powerful groups can manipulate the system, be above the law and betray the Constitution to earn their millions against small people.   For the Maui community, the time of reckoning has come, at least against Monsanto.

             I asked Author-Attorney Erlinda Dominguez to publish this testimonial and link to the 2015 article about powerful Monsanto, from the website of or Traitor


Broken Trust encouraged me to publish my current book, PRO SE (On My Own). Many of my readers CRY to know that my malpractice trial judge is the wife of a silent partner in the law firm I sued on the same issues, and the justice who dismissed my appeal was the longtime law partner of the lawyer who sued me. Recently, I congratulated Atty. Randall Roth, author of Broken Trust, for his patriotic efforts to “wake up” victimized Hawaii from its decades of complacency, manipulation, greed and corruption, as I try to do in my books.

                        —Erlinda Dominguez, Attorney
My review of Broken Trust on 4/12/18 


The media is presently blasting with this nation’s “attorney-client privilege” issue (as raiding the privilege between author Dominguez and her trusted attorneys who protected their practice, not her)—that the judge married to her opponent ordered to happen—just as presented in the book Pro Se (On My Own).

—Odina Cacdac
California  4/17/18

“PRO SE”— Testimonial Review: A Book to Keep!

The PRO SE On My Own documentary book authored by lawyer Erlinda Dominguez is extremely timely with issues that this nation is confronted with today: conflicts of interest, recusals, ethical violations, collusions, due process, discrimination, separation and balance of power, Rule of Law and the Constitution. It promotes awareness of how fundamental rights could be easily violated in favor of the powerful, and treason against the U.S. Constitution could be flagrantly committed without accountability.

This true story portrays how the author, an immigrant who earned her U.S. citizenship—ended up fighting for her legal rights against her American opponents who, for the lust of money, glamorized their alien clients’ attack on the Constitution, then proved that they were above the law. This book is disheartening but intensely dramatic, educational and enlightening. It has a historical place in Hawaii’s judicial and legal evolution. Hopefully, for the better in view of America’s freedom for the truth, as with the book and this testimonial.

—Odina Cacdac
Supporter of the Rule of Law
California 2/1/18