Open Letter of Congratulations

March 15, 2017

Dear Ms. Dominguez,

Your Pro Se book is so timely when violation of the Rule of Law is a nationwide concern. You were the victim of incompetence, tyranny, greed, envy, fraud, betrayal and cover-up done in concert and methodical planning among people in high places. I thought that most of what I heard and read about the Hawaii legal and judicial system, written by a few brave men/women who risked retaliation by the powerful, were too immoral or exaggerated to be believed. Now, I know they must be true. With portions of the news and court transcripts in your book, the layman reader could clearly see what truly happened.
The book is remarkably educational for the general public. Positive changes come from awareness. As some news articles reported, while the community remained helplessly complacent, Hawaii power has been held and discreetly abused by an identified group for decades. It is unfortunate that in your successful private law practice, you somehow fatefully crossed their path, and alone. It's likewise unfortunate that for obvious reasons, most members of your profession are fearful to speak. Your defiance to illegal and immoral conduct is admirable. Your Pro Se book is so powerful although extremely disturbing, but your true story had to be told, and you did it. It's most fitting that you are the author, a lawyer who personally experienced the ultimate deliberate injustices and who could eloquently express the truth in an excellent book. Pro Se is a noble tribute to all who value equality and justice and truly care for America. Congratulations!
Sincerely yours,
E. D. Floresca
For Supporters of the Rule of Law