March 27, 2019 

President Donald Trump
The White House

Dear Mr. President:

I am honored by your personal letter to me. My Pro Se book sent to the White House by your supporters is a documentary of treason and hate crime in the Hawaii legal system. The malpractice judge was the wife of an attorney in the involved law firm I partnered with. Our partnership was acrimonious. They were highly political and I was strictly by the Rule of Law. That judge placed on record how she despised me and my law practice. She claimed to guess procedure, and the jury did what judges should do—interpret the law among the aliens involved. This situation was described by the U.S. Supreme Court as assault on our Constitution and should never be ignored. Then, in the Hawaii State Supreme Court, the Constitution was unmentioned and disregarded as if it did not exist. Instead, I was called uncivil, invective, and my appeal was dismissed on form, not substance. Distorted facts and laws comprised related decisions. I call them fake news. Your effort for a wall is also to protect aliens from being used as criminal accomplices in treason as my opponents did against me. I find meaning in my experiences —civic duty to spread the truth.

Respectfully yours and Aloha,
Erlinda Dominguez


October 4, 2018 

Dear Mr. President:

Hawaii Senator Hirono should redirect her words against Justice Kavanaugh  (huge taint, charade, etc.) to the Hawaii judiciary system. I am a Hawaii lawyer, sued for legal malpractice for failing to collect a “legally uncollectible void federal default judgment.” I countersued the law firm of two recent State Attorneys General Warren Price and Robert Marks whose wife was suddenly the assigned Judge. She denied her mandatory recusal. I appealed to the Hawaii Supreme Court where all five Justices were also appointed by Democrat Governor Waihee through Price, his campaign manager. The rest is history.

Calling me uncivil, the Justices refused to look at my mandatory Constitution issues, then dismissed my appeal—on format! Later, Democrat nominee, Federal Judge Susan Mollway, dismissed my collusion case against my lawyers. In her long written decision, nothing was mentioned of my foremost single national issue that was fully briefed, argued, heard (First heard by Federal Judge Kurren who denied dismissal). The omission in Mollway’s decision sabotaged and foreclosed my certiorari opportunity—with practicing lawyers nationwide intensely interested at a  first time issue— with the United States Supreme Court.

Justice Kavanaugh began his nomination speech with “I will interpret the law and not make it.”  He ended his confirmation speech with “I will abide by the Rule of Law.” Both Constitution mandates were violated in Hawaii.

My book PRO SE: On My Own is factual, not fiction, of obvious betrayals of our Constitution in the Hawaii legal system. It is an extreme privilege that your supporters encourage my book and now, this letter.

Aloha and Respectfully,
Erlinda Dominguez